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Poynter has more details , and Adrian Holovaty reflects on his blog. Greater Good Studio is looking for feedback to help further develop their CTA app, which I interviewed them about last year. The next brainstorming session is Feb. Product development firm Polymathic is profiled in the Sun-Times. A "patent troll" is suing Adam Carolla's podcasting company for infringement of a patent on a "system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence. Interestingly, Chicago's divine InterVentures is a footnote in another recent patent troll case -- one that was less successful for the troll.

Here's the podcast patent: US Patent 8,, by Gapers Block. Ever want to create your own CTA info display, like you've seen in some businesses around town? Now you can. And that someone is whoever at Chicago Public Schools mistyped an URL in an email to parents about standardized test scores, instead directing them to a private website about women's sexuality. Kedzie Ave. View Larger Map. BlockAvenue aggregates and shares data about communities block by block, but from a different angle from EveryBlock. Yumbly is a new search engine for finding great food in Chicago. Two U of I researchers conducted an aerial photography assessment of food gardens in Chicago and determined there may be as many as 4, of them.

While those familiar with food gardening in Chicago can probably already see that the methodology is overly conservative, it's an interesting view of urban agriculture. The city recently launched a new website, Chicago Digital , to promote its digital initiatives. Some highlighted resources are Open Data applications , a developer forum and a list of city social media accounts.

Investors must have a hard time parking in Chicago. The Buzzed Buzzer is a party noisemaker that only makes noise if it detects alcohol on your breath. Make a few for your New Year's Eve party and take away the keys of anyone noisy enough not to drive! Want to learn riffs in about 12 and a half minutes? A flavored pasta of the month club , a new Rachel Barton Pine album , a microbrewery in Gary and more are currently funding on Gapers Block's Kickstarter page. More Real's Sharpie-topping pen-cap stylus and Lunatik 's wide line of iOS products put a little Chicago-designed coolness in your favorite technophile's stocking.

ETA Chicago is a new web app that tells you what the closest CTA options are for your current address assuming it can be pinpointed and when the next bus or train on that line will arrive. Applications for the Firebelly Grant for Good are due by Friday, which means there's still time to get design help for your favorite local nonprofit.

Ars Technica and the Atlantic have excellent profiles of how it all worked, while Crain's talked with Reed to find out what's next. The technology behind the Romney campaign didn't fare nearly as well. Adrian Holovaty just launched his new venture since leaving EveryBlock , the company he founded: SoundSlice , which syncs guitar tabs up with video to help guitarists learn new songs more effectively. Local computer forensics company Forensicon discovered a security breach on ChicagoElections.

An " adult ice cream lounge ," an innovative video game and a gourmet restaurant are among the projects currently funding on the Gapers Block's Kickstarter page. Groupon's stock continued to drop as the company reported a net loss in the third quarter. The company laid off 80 people yesterday. London-based Hailo today officially joins Uber and other services that help you find a taxi in Chicago. Meanwhile, Uber is fighting legislation that could kill its car service business. If you have a smartphone, ChicagoBallot. A documentary about a neighborhood hero, a no-spill cup designed by a teenager, and an amazing-looking video game are just some of the projects on the Gapers Block Kickstarter page right now.

And over on Indiegogo, you might be interested in this comic book about bands or this touchscreen watch with a nonprofit mission. Meanwhile, Greg Hinz sizes up Silicon Prairie 2. Chicago's system is now integrated with SeeClickFix ; as of today, the City will be monitoring services requests made on that site as well as its own avenues. You can also track your service request online. Chicago startup AdYapper lets you give participating companies feedback on their online ads. You can request the reverse process for the same price.

SideTour , a deal site offering unusual activities, officially launches in Chicago on Monday. A couple of events have already happened, and the reviews seem positive. Meanwhile, Chicago-based Dabble just relaunched its indie class-finder site, now with nationwide reach. Chicago was recently ranked the seventh best city in America for tech start-ups by the National Venture Capital Association. In honor of Chicago Ideas Week , the city turned to Twitter to ask users their opinion about the best way to get guns off of the streets. They received over , responses , varying from stricter parenting to looser gun control.

Here's a review of the edition. Taxi companies are suing Uber , claiming the private car ordering service violates city regulations about how many cabs are on the road. Although its Kickstarter campaign failed, Greater Good Studio is developing its Designing Chicago transit navigation app anyway -- and they're looking for help from you. A scammer called Ars Technica's Nate Anderson claiming that his nonexistent Windows computer was infested with viruses.

Anderson decided to play along. Online grocery service Peapod will expand its virtual retail locations to nine CTA and eight Metra stations across Chicagoland. Customers can use a free app to select and pay for their items and schedule home deliveries. Have an interest in data and sustainability? Jump in and lend a hand. Crain's has put together its Tech 50 , a list of movers and shakers in the city's technology scene.

Meanwhile, Chicago mag reports on the city's tech boom. As of this morning, Millennium Park features free wi-fi -- the first of Emanuel's push, which plans to include all parks and public spaces in Chicago. The City is looking for everyone's help in designing the network via The Broadband Challenge. Getaround is an app that lets you take car sharing to the personal level by putting your car up for rent by the hour. Chicago is one of the country's digital hubs , where 7. But it's also time for an upgrade. The bloom may be off Groupon's rose, but Chicago's tech startup scene is thriving , says the Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal.

He's even made a map for you. Crain's gives us a list of the local Twitter accounts with the most followers, and explains who this DarrenWillinger guy is. Web app firm 37signals invested in The Starter League , formerly known as Code Academy, which might be best known for its classes on Ruby on Rails It's hard for parents to figure out which school their kids can attend when the family moves.

Showfile is a social network built around music festivals and concerts: Has your relationship gotten stale? Chicago startup Lovendar aims to help couples reconnect and bring a little spark back. And not in a dirty way Built In Chicago doubled their list of Chicago's biggest digital companies to this year previously. The streets of downtown Evanston will be full of tinkerers and crafty people as the city hosts a Mini Maker Faire.

Crain's delves deeper into Motorola Mobility's move to the Merchandise Mart previously , including how it'll affect Libertyville 's economy. Chicago-based Jellyvision , known for its trivia game You Don't Know Jack, helped a fan propose to his girlfriend. This month's Dwell features important women designers, and among those featured are the local collaborators of Quite Strong. Do you find EveryBlock too MAS Context continues to outdo itself in every issue with its newest, Communication. The Art Institute launched two new free iOS apps for its 91, members: Handy for sure, but they're no Magic Tate Ball.

Read more about the project in our exclusive interview with the Ayes -- and see more interesting Chicago-based projects on our curated Kickstarter page. He also thinks the patent system has gotten out of sync with modern business, particularly regarding technology. Monthlys is a new app that helps manage your services and subscriptions, such as housekeeping or coffee of the month clubs.

Emmanuel's current downtown wi-fi push involves making traffic and street lights 'smart polls,' which would allow constant access throughout downtown, as well as on underground on the CTA. ClassFill aims to be a marketplace for vacancies in classes. If you've got a kid who's nearing school age and you don't want to move to the suburbs, School Sparrow can help you figure out which neighborhood you should move to for the best school options.

Metra finally launched a train tracker. It's only available on Metra's website at the moment bottom left , but hopefully smart phone apps will soon follow. Travelers will have free, albeit limited, wi-fi service at O'Hare and Midway Airports by the end of July. Facebook dug through two years of "check-in" data for 25 cities and determined the most popular places to announce your presence on facebook.

Check out a graphic with the "social landmarks" from all 25 cities after the jump. Among Ray Bradbury's tributes may be a status code , recalling Fahrenheit when a page is restricted due to legal reasons. Apparently, Fermilab has had a bison farm since The team that oversees them got a surprise when the cows started birthing on May Techweek 's annual conference starts Friday; there's still time to register if you're interested.

Installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Chicago is months behind schedule , and the City is investigating "financial irregularities" with the contractor. Maybe they'll inspire you, too. Interface Inspiration from 37signals on Vimeo. The Center for Green Technology is celebrating its 10th anniversary this Saturday. Want to ask the chief technology and data officers of Chicago some questions? UofC professor Judge Richard Posner stepped into some controversial territory last week when he threw out a patent dispute between Apple and Motorola Mobility, and said in passing on his blog that the patent system is dysfunctional.

Read Posner's decision in Case: Motorola Inc. Posner Order. Here's a teaser site. Eventup , a startup resource for finding event spaces, launched in Chicago today. In the politics of wifi router names , Chicago is unsurprisingly pro. Chicagoan Eric Simons , founder ClassConnect. The Chicago version was recently released, and it's pretty much what it sounds like -- an iPhone only, as of now app that allows you to hunt down BYOB -friendly joints by cuisine or neighborhood.

Hackatrain , the first-ever hackathon aboard a moving CTA train, will be happening June Get on board. Another potential reason to be annoyed that NATO is in town: Shareable is spending a week sharing Chicago's contributions to sharing technology, including the Chicago DataDive event that happened recently.


At a hack day last year, Melissa Pierce was told, " No room for noobs with boobs! So she created Chicago Women Developers , a resource for woman-friendly coding classes and events. Unless you're on Verizon , RootMetrics finds. Both download and upload speeds for the other major carriers were all pretty poor. News site Ars Technica has been completely redesigned. If you're familiar with the old one column layout, you'll find this primer very useful.

The Verge peeks behind the curtain of "internet marketing," and talks with The Salty Droid , a local blog that focuses on this seedy underworld. What do you get when you mash up the latest pair of social networks to go viral? Pinstagram , developed by local startup Tapisto.

Due to technical difficulties Ars just launched a redesign , the chat has been canceled. JJ's List is a site where people with disabilities review businesses and services, created by JJ Hanley , producer of Refrigerator Mothers , a documentary by Kartemquin Films. Should I break up with my boyfriend? Toodalu is a new service that gets you a discount at local restaurants, bars and a few shops -- with the added twist that every purchase also earns money for the charity of your choice.

GB co-founder Naz Hamid and Scott Robbin today launched Shifticons , "the easiest and fastest way to create, mix and match custom icon web fonts. Soup Next Door is a startup that handles ticketing for "unique food experiences" hosted by anyone from underground restaurants to budding chefs. There are only a couple listings for Chicago at the moment, but expect more soon. Register here to join in the fun. During April, for every new person who joins EveryBlock , the site will be donating a dollar to classroom fundraiser site DonorsChoose.

Paintings and sculptures from the Art Institute are among more than 32, pieces viewable on Google's new Art Project , which launches today. Streetview cameras were used to photograph many of the artworks in the gallery setting, providing a virtual visit to more than museums worldwide. Scientists at Fermilab have successfully sent an encoded message via neutrino , the subatomic particle. Unfortunately, the method has a data speed of 0. At the end of this very technical post , Twitter data scientist Edwin Chen uses his tools and techniques to dig into the menu at McDonalds.

MacMall is opening this Saturday at W Grand. Their first location outside of Southern California, they sell refurbished Apple products as well as accessories, support and repairs. Apparently part of the " Midwest mentality " in Chicago's tech scene also includes patent trolling. Naturally, that didn't sit well with some here in Chicago. On the day the new iPad comes out, This American Life is retracting the incredibly popular story about Foxconn's factories in China by monologist Mike Daisey previously.

Tonight's episode of the show will be an explanation of why the story is being retracted and how it occurred. Ira Glass Date: Fri, Mar 16, at Our recent Mike Daisey episode To: I'm writing to tell you that tonight, This American Life and Marketplace will reveal that a story that we broadcast on This American Life this past January contained significant fabrications.

We're retracting that story because we can't vouch for its truth, and this weekend's episode of our show will detail the errors in the story, which was an excerpt of Mike Daisey's acclaimed one-man show, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. He's performed the monologue in theaters around the country; it's currently at the Public Theater in New York.

He located and interviewed Daisey's Chinese interpreter Li Guifen who goes by the name Cathy Lee professionally with westerners. She disputed much of what Daisey has been telling theater audiences since and much of what he said on the radio. During fact checking before the broadcast of Daisey's story, I and This American Life producer Brian Reed asked Daisey for this interpreter's contact information, so we could confirm with her that Daisey actually witnessed what he claims.

Daisey told us her real name was Anna, not Cathy as he says in his monologue, and he said that the cell phone number he had for her didn't work any more. He said he had no way to reach her. At that point, we should've killed the story. But other things Daisey told us about Apple's operations in China checked out, and we saw no reason to doubt him.

We didn't think that he was lying to us. That was a mistake. Schmitz does a minute story on our show this weekend about his findings, and we'll also broadcast an interview I did with Daisey. Marketplace will feature a shorter version of Schmitz's report earlier in the evening. You can read more details on our website, and listen to our show on WBEZ at 7 p. Maybe you've heard me advertising it on the air. That show will be cancelled and all tickets will be refunded. I've never had to write an email like this. Like all our friends and colleagues in public radio, I and my co-workers at This American Life work hard every day to make sure that what you hear on WBEZ is factually correct.

We will continue to do that, and hope you can forgive this. All rights reserved. The discrepancies in Daisey's story were uncovered in part by a report by Marketplace's Rob Schmitz. Daisey has posted a statement on his own site, saying in part, "I stand by my work. My show is a theatrical piece whose goal is to create a human connection between our gorgeous devices and the brutal circumstances from which they emerge.

It uses a combination of fact, memoir, and dramatic license to tell its story, and I believe it does so with integrity. Retraction Press Release Final. The Wall Street Journal takes note of our burgeoning start-up ecosystem. The Encyclopaedia Britannica has ceased the production of its printed volumes and is selling its remaining inventory. Of course, it's trumpeting the transition as a step into the future. You can celebrate the wonders of 3. MAS Context 's new issue and redesign is live, and the theme is " ownership.

Groupon rolled out its VIP program in Chicago and five other cities this week. Speaking of Kickstarter, the team behind the indie videogame Octodad has released a trailer for the game's crowdfunded sequel, Octodad 2: Dadliest Catch. A new trailer for the video game MLB Catapult Chicago is a new coworking space for tech startups -- which is becoming common enough to be a trend. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 1 at 10am. TAL aired an adapted version of the monologue in January, and it quickly became one of the most-listened-to episodes in the show's history.

OpenChicago is a new site connecting developers interested in participating in the open data movement. All you need is a Github account. One of Russia's biggest web entrepreneurs actually lives in Skokie. Chicago residents can now volunteer to shovel a snow-covered sidewalk by claiming a section of the city on their smart phone through a new web app, Adopt-a-sidewalk. The app also connects volunteers with seniors and people with disabilities who might need help with snow removal.

By analyzing weather reports from multiple sources, startup Weatherist. Film podcast F This Movie! To attend, just get hold of the films in the lineup , follow fthismovie and start watching and tweeting at noon! Taxi Share Chicago is an Android app that helps you find a person to share a cab with you. Eric Fisher, who created the cool map of locals vs. Via Twitter of course , Fischer said , "[The map] is paths from one geotagged tweet to the next by the same person, routed along the most heavily geotagged path in between.

The individual tweets are just to guide the paths. I think what you are seeing here is mostly a lot of travel between O'Hare and the Loop, not a particular tendency to tweet while driving on that route. Also, the Edens is hardly represented here at all. Those two big routes to the north and northwest are Clark Street and Milwaukee Avenue. The City's new Plow Tracker is great, but Derek Eder and Forest Gregg's ClearStreets takes it a step further and shows you where the plows have been, for a better idea of what progress has been made.

BuiltInChicago has sneak preview access to the Chicago. A new "center for digital entrepreneurs," , was announced today. The 50,square-foot space will be located in the Merchandise Mart and is meant to foster the city's startup scene by offering affordable deskspace and other services. Xrivo is a newish social network based in Chicago that's all about connecting writers and readers. Mayor Rahm Emanuel will hold another Facebook town hall meeting on January Emanuel's previous virtual town hall was the first of its kind from a sitting mayor.

Chicagoans can submit education-related questions online here. Speaking of startups, TINCmag has put together a directory of them. Newly launched Found In Town is a new service designed to help track down things like phones lost in the back of a cab. Have a lot of free time or want something to do during this weekend? WBEZ has a guide to help people create their own ward maps.

Data and links to required programs are listed, but assembly is required. Uber customers in Chicago and elsewhere got a bit of a shock if they used the private car service on New Year's Eve: Not surprisingly, the reaction was uber negative. The University of Illinois at Chicago is conducting a study examining the correlation between bike seats and male impotence. Ohours gives you a chance to talk with experts in a variety of tech and business fields. It's a national site, but there are several local folks to meet with. A couple of data sets from the city's data portal made it onto the Atlantic's list of the best metro data releases of You might have spotted Bellyflop iPad terminals at certain shops around town, but the customer loyalty program made its official debut today, under a new name: Benevolent is a new Evanston-based crowdfunding site with a twist: The campaign goals are usually low, so even small pledges make a big difference.

WBEZ mapped and analyzed 10 years of school closing patterns, finding that closed schools tend to be in African American neighborhoods on the South and West Sides -- and are often replaced with selective enrollment or lottery schools. The CTA has provided developers, and those with "some computer savvy," the tools to create their own CTA arrival screens. Great for businesses who want to create a waiting area inside their warm establishments, or others who just want to shelter public transit users in a storm.

The Sun-Times and its suburban sister publications will start using a metered method allowing 20 free views every month before readers will have to pay. The paywall goes into effect on Thursday. The Apps for Metro Chicago Grand Challenge, the final phase of the year-long program, opens for voting at 4pm today. Vote for your favorite apps by Dec. Josh Metnick thinks you might be. The first of these experimental Apple-inspired retail outlets is set to open in the Northwest suburbs, complete with a Learning Center, Solutions Center, Small Business Center, and, God willing, a chewy chocolate-covered center.

Yep, we're on there. The Junto is a new site that's meant to be a " startup for startups. NewCity surveys Chicago's technology scene this week. AudioBoo lets you record from your phone iPhone, Android or, incredibly, Nokia or desktop and put it on a map.

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MentorMob , a site for putting together "learning playlists" of tutorials and informational pages, launched this week in alpha. Thanks, Pete! Motorola's bringing back the Razr name with a rugged new Android phone -- but Crain's doesn't think it'll do much to help the company in the smartphone race.

MentorMob officially launches today. It's a site for crowdsourcing knowledge to help collectively teach a variety of subjects, from salsa dancing to chemistry. When contacting a developer to work on a popular web framework , it's often a good idea to check to make sure you're not trying to hire the guy who created it. Tech community site Built in Chicago released its first Top 50 Digital Companies list, based on number of Chicago-based employees.

Outside the Michigan Avenue Apple store, there's a pair of banners on the light pole memorializing Steve Jobs. Interestingly, they're not an official tribute by either the store or the city -- they're by local computer graphics firm ImageFiction. Photo by Therese Flanagan. Download it from iTunes here for 99 cents. The community round of Apps for Metro Chicago opened for voting on Friday; you have till the 14th to make your voice heard. After news of Jobs' death, Apple stores around the world have become impromptu shrines, with the Michigan Ave. Tributes to Steve Jobs are everywhere; here are some from Chicago media and tech world: Know of more?

Tell us on Twitter. A few photographs from the Michigan Avenue Apple Store memorial are after the fold. Fermilab posted a video of the particle accelerator shutdown ceremony, including remarks from various people involved and the actual switching-off. For those curious, their website has some great info about the Tevatron, and the Reader's recent cover story does a great job fleshing out Fermilab's history.

HuffPo blogger Keith Ecker wonders what Chicago's tech industry nickname ought to be. My two cents: If we want to lose the "flyover state" rep, perhaps talking about cornfields is the wrong direction. Meanwhile, Crain's named its first Tech Chicago-based Timelines. New local startup SoundOff. Feel the need to be a typography locavore? In Chicago, you have a few to choose from: Many more here.

A 51,square-foot center for tech startups is in the works, according to the Tribune. The venture capital-backed plan would allow startups to rent desks or suites -- so it might turn out to simply be a massive coworking space. Clever Apes sends off the Tevatron with an episode dedicated to the world's most powerful proton-antiproton accelerator. Technori profiles Daniel X.

Roger Ebert now has an iPhone app of his " Great Movies " reviews. Uber a private car service you set up via web or phone app, officially launched in Chicago yesterday. In case you missed MAS Context 's newest issue launch: Speed is ready for viewing. Chicago tech blog Technori has launched a pitch series to showcase some of the city's newest startups. The first pitch is Sept. It's Social Media Week here in Chicago and 11 other cities around the world.

Check out the schedule for events today through Friday. Today the Trib is among the papers revealing iCircular , a new advertising platform for newspaper apps developed by the AP. Technori profiles Howard Tullman , web innovator, serial entrepreneur and founder of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. Read more about him here. Cornell Creative Machines Lab has developed a 3-D food printer that will allow the creation of previously unheard of cuisine. And not just a hamburger with liquid layers of ketchup and mustard inside, either though also that.

Chicago's Moto Restaurant looks like it'll be one of the early adopters. Tech blog gdgt is bringing its live show back to town this Friday. History Pin places historic photos on a map; Chicago is full of shots. An app by the same name places the pics in Google Streetview. See also What Was There. Thanks, Lynn! In other Internet news, suburban-based Vasco Data Security 's Dutch subsidiary DigiNotar is at the center of a hacking scandal that potentially threatens global Internet security. The Apps for Metro Chicago competition is still on, and in fact the Metropolitan Planning Council is sponsoring a new challenge for "placemaking" apps.

There's a hackathon at Google Chicago this Saturday, if you're interested in diving in. In the latest twist in Groupon's IPO saga, WSJ reports the company has canceled its investor roadshow and is reevaluating its IPO date "on a week by week basis" due to the market's volatility. Pretty crazy stuff. TaskRabbit , a crowd-sourced errand service similar to Zipments previously and Zaarly , is coming to Chicago soon. You could always go the personal assistant route. SpotHero won the Apps for Metro Chicago last weekend. Second place was another parking-oriented app, FasPark.

Last year, noise and tech and new media and those who love them came together in the form of the GLI. For five days, the strange and wonderful ways data can be corrupted were celebrated with videos, art, coding and more. Although a success, the people behind GLI. Head to their Kickstarter page to make it happen again.

SocialDevCamp Chicago is this weekend, and there's still room for you. Local artists Taylor Hokanson and Chris Reilly have reached their Kickstarter goal for their low-cost CNC machine, but the fundraiser's still going until 11 tonight, so check it out if you're into art made by robots. Google plans to run Motorola Mobility as a separate company and plans to keep its Android platform open.

University of Chicago fourth year Mitchell Kohles challenged the automated storage and retrieval system at the U of C's newest library , the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, to a race. How did Mitchell do? Let's go to the tape, err, YouTube video. VC firm Lightbank has invested in oBaz , a new "social haggling site" where you post what you want and they haggle a discount.

The Tevatron at Fermilab continues to make progress on the possibilities of the Higgs boson even though the accelerator is slated for closure at the end of September. Big congratulations to Dan X. O'Neil today. Their main goal is to bring high-speed Internet and resources to Chicago's underserved communities. Amazon is creeping into Groupon's backyard: AmazonLocal -- basically a reskinning of LivingSocial, which the company part-owns -- quietly launched this week in Chicago.

It's just one of many projects on Gapers Block's curated Kickstarter page. Art Barcs is a novel way to share your art with the world: Thanks, Elizabeth! Tech Week starts today and runs through the 29th. Even if you don't attend the conference , there are plenty of open-to-the-public events that are worth checking out. He's currently working on a TRON game. Food Genius is a new app for Android and iOS that helps you decide what to eat at Chicagoland restaurants.

Evidently Chicago is the least friendly city for teleworking , according to a Microsoft survey. We can take solace in the fact that San Francisco and New York are on the list, too. Zipments , a service that allows you to post a delivery job picking up something at your office and taking it to your accountant's, for instance , launched in Chicago yesterday.

Chicago start-up SceneTap wants to bring facial recognition software into bars so owners can monitor the number, age, and gender of their customers. Because figuring that out without computers would be impossible, right? See where folks in Cook County are calling. The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, a marathon site-building experience dedicated to helping non-profits in a very direct way, has extended its deadline to July Go sign up here.

Want to help out? There's a form for that too. SmallDates is a new Facebook-enabled "anti-dating, dating" service developed by Doejo. Plus get our best LEDSupply coupons in our email newsletter. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address.

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He and other cable leaders are in Chicago this week for the Cable Show. Rob Lowe has reportedly signed on to play Drew Peterson in an upcoming Lifetime movie. Paige Wiser, the television critic at the Chicago Sun-Times for 17 years, left the paper after getting caught writing a fake review of "Glee Live. If you just want to watch, get your free tickets here.

The developers behind the Opera web browser are going to miss Oprah -- because of the great misdirected emails they get. Don't worry, guys, she's just moving to cable. Jezebel has a year-by-year summary of the cost of Oprah's annual Favorite Things giveaways. Fans of "The Office" might want to pick up this new button from Busy Beaver.

Ebert interviews Oprah. A Canadian man is being held at Cook County Jail for lying to police after fabricating an assault near United Center yesterday--he claimed that two men robbed him of his tickets for Oprah's final show taping. The real story? He didn't want to tell his wife he never had tickets in the first place.

You may find yourself feeling sad and despondent after the last "The Oprah Winfrey Show" episode airs May 25 it's taping today. Don't worry, psychologists say it's a natural part of the grieving process. Get a sneak peek. Think there's no point in planning for the future now that your standing 9am and 11pm weekday appointment of watching Channel 7 is over? You've got Empty Oprah Syndrome , my friend. So " The Chicago Code " is canceled , but filming in Chicago is looking up, including new studio space and a bevy of productions.

The Bulls are one win away from the Eastern Conference Finals, but there could be a scheduling problem: The United Center is unavailable Monday night so Oprah's crew can set up for Tuesday's taping of her final show. It looks like FOX won't be renewing the series. A new Walter E. Smithe commercial pays tribute to the outgoing mayor. Bush -- and, oddly, Mayor Daley himself. Robert Feder put together a list of the 20 most powerful women in Chicago journalism.

It's a good list, but Scott Smith has some additional nominations. Rosie O'Donnell was planning on staying at the Trump Chicago Hotel when she tapes her new show for OWN previously , but thanks to Donald Trump's birther jackassery , she's decided to stay elsewhere. Elmer Lynn Hauldren , the writer and star of countless Empire carpet commercials, passed away last night in his Evanston home.

Here are some of Hauldren's classic Empire commercials. TLC is investigating the allegations. Local groups Blewt! Productions and Stock Yard Films are seeking contestants for their pilot episode of "Don't Spit the Water," a comedy-based game show. Not to be outdone, Ald. Can't watch the game? Watch " Bleacher Bums ," a teleplay last broadcast in Many of your favorite facts about dinosaurs are totally wrong. Svengoolie is going national. Starting this weekend Rich Koz will bring his brand of humor and horror humorror?

FYI, non-Chicagoans. Set your DVR and stock up on tissues. WLS is doing its part to bring the former governor back into the spotlight by hiring him as the guest host of their morning show tomorrow. Sketch comedy team Blewt! They've got WCIU to agree to run a pilot, and they've set up a Kickstarter to help pay for the filming. And just the night before, ex-gov Rod Blagojevich made an appearance in what appeared to be Lincoln Square's Welles Park, which was standing in for Rockford. If you prefer video with your audio, NBC5 will stream the show live on its website.

Sinker tweets that he will also be appearing on the Colbert Report next Tuesday. Oprah's new OWN is drawing fewer viewers than Discovery Health, the channel it replaced, but the few original shows it's running are doing OK. Tune in! A hearing related to the Drew Peterson case will be the first ever in Illinois to be broadcast live. As of this writing, This American Life's site is just barely reachable, thanks to the nearly one million people who've visited to read Coca-Cola's secret formula since it was mentioned on last weekend's episode.

Conan O'Brien aired two new Groupon commercials on last night's show. Bowing to pressure, Groupon has pulled its Tibet ad from television, although it still appears on the SaveTheMoney website -- and you can still donate to The Tibet Fund. Previews abound: Oh, and right here. It happens to be his birthday, too. The wait is over: Oprah revealed this morning that she recently learned that she has a half-sister, who appeared on Oprah's show with her.

Oprah's mother Vernita Lee, who lives in Wisconsin, gave up the woman for adoption as a child. They're celebrating at The Whistler tonight at 9: Hilarious GB staffer Jasmine Davila is liveblogging the Golden Globes ceremony if you're looking to snark on Ricky Gervais' terrible opening monologue. Here's a taste.

Alan Sepinwall reports: What did you aspire to be? And it seems like you won every lottery in the country. What were your hopes, and what were your dreams? Nobody has ever asked me that. That's a lovely question. I have to think about it. And then she began to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk If you're a little short on details for the new car and pedestrian routes around the latest Wacker Drive construction in the Loop, then this helpful video by WBEZ traffic reporter Sarah Jindra is for you.

Speaking of the blizzard of '79 and mayoral races, here's a spoof campaign commercial promising to get rid of the "snow jobs in City Hall. Chicagoist speculates that Roger Ebert will reveal the new co-host for his forthcoming TV show this Sunday. Meanwhile, he's posted his picks for the best films of DreX has quit Kiss FM.

Cultural weekly NewCity gives us their top picks in vintage TV shows filmed in Chicago, food trucks, indoor make-out spots, and many more. First you'll have to audition for a reality show about wanting to be on "Glee," and then you have to win said reality show to be a guest star.

Courtesy of a mustache. Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man" is listed on the class syllabus. Behold a commercial for pawn shops that requires a disclaimer that "No little people were harmed in the making of this commercial. Lupe Fiasco will be a guest on MusicVox on Vocalo at 3pm today. Tune to Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode gets its second wind with a new audience today. Who knew there were so many deserving people? TV's Kelsey Grammer will be our next mayor. On TV, anyway. Oprah's final "Favorite Things" episode airs tomorrow.

The young Al Capone seen on "Boardwalk Empire" is far from the real Scarface, says one of his grand-nieces. When she's not singing the praises of Chicago's roasted chicken offerings , Tina Fey is poised to become the youngest recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor tonight at the Kennedy Center.

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This US map of sitcoms is making the rounds right now, and I'll just note that it's missing a couple for Chicago. Lee has some songs to get you in the mood. Behold the new wbez. If you have compliments or complaints, here's the place to put them. Michael Sneed says investigators raided Todd Stroger's office last night. Driehaus Foundation Competition. Join them for the awards ceremony Oct.

The Green, Libertarian and independent candidates for governor won't be debating with Quinn and Brady in Chicago, but WBEZ gave them a forum to discuss the issues today. Speaking of "Jeopardy! From one perspective, journalists protected Rahm Emanuel from a conservative radio host's questions. From another, journalists tried to get rid of a guy getting in the way of their soundbite. Senate hopefuls Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk appeared on "Meet the Press" Sunday , an indication of how important that race is to both parties nationally.

Well, no cash, actually, but claps for the 25th anniversary of the Victory Auto Wreckers commercial. Would you like me to leave a reminder on your answering machine? Here 's The Wall Street Journal's writeup. Sun-Times reporter Kara Spak appeared on "Jeopardy! Naturally, she wrote about her experience. This video introducing WBEZ's new mobile apps is cringe-inducing.

As tipster Marc Felion said, "Are you fascinated by people looking at screens and pressing buttons? To commemorate the event, former Kennedy confidant Ted Sorenson dispelled some myths about the legendary broadcast in the NY Times. It's official: All Stars along with darlings and villains from previous seasons. The season premieres December 1. At 6pm Friday, Sept. Your job is to show up and battle until the last tube is destroyed. The father of our outgoing mayor appeared on "What's My Line?

The final season of " The Oprah Winfrey Show " debuted today, and Oprah again demonstrated her desire to get out of Chicago by announcing she was taking the entire audience to Australia. Kanye West behaved himself last night. Check out an extended here. Every wondered what you'd look like with one of Oprah's hairdos? The 33rd annual Kennedy Center Honors have been announced, and the incomparable Oprah Winfrey is to be lauded in December with a lively celebration in Washington. Jones, and Jerry Herman.

You know, if time permits. Claire's is opening a pop-up "Glee" themed store in Water Tower Place on Friday , complete with lockers, a piano and more "Glee" merchandise that a teenybopper will know what do with. This season of "Top Chef" hasn't given Chicagoans much to cheer about in the way of hometown pride or much else. But in two weeks, " Top Chef: Set your DVR and get your giant fondant-coated foam "We're 1" finger ready. I shouldn't have to warn you that there's music from the '80s. Don't worry, Comcast SportsNet is airing it starting tonight.

Or you could just read our recaps. In the spring of , local radio legend Ken Nordine was practicing a speech for the opening of the Allied High Fidelity store on Rush and Walton. The practice session, which includes Nordine reciting some poetry, was recorded on reel-to-reel tape and subsequently forgotten It was inevitable: Chicago based Tribune Co. The new concept will use pictures, video and writing, all without a set, desk or anyone standing in the way of the story, according to Tribune Co.

CEO Randy Michaels. The new format, called "NewsFix," will debut in late September. The very low-wattage signal of Audio Noir can be picked up at RIP Dick Buckley. The golden-voiced announcer and jazz archivist has passed away at the age of WBEZ is collecting memories of their dearly departed colleague.

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Columbus Drive. Already have weekend plans or don't want to brave the heat? You can still send in an application and videotape the old-fashioned way. WBEZ is now going to publish monthly features about the music they play in between programs and other moments in their broadcasts. Remember the White Sox reality television program that was in the works? The show will premiere on Sunday at 8pm. Yesterday members of Congress held a field hearing on the proposed Comcast-NBCU merger , a deal which could have drastic consequences for Chicago's media ecosystem.

Find out why you should care in Part 2 of our series in Mechanics. Barring any new delays, the museum will be ready to open next year. Though not really a Chicagoan anymore, we still have a soft spot for Ira Glass. He talks with Slate about being wrong with regards to This American Life. Congressman and senatorial candidate Mark Kirk is building his reputation -- though not for what he probably what he'd prefer.

Tom Skilling is off galavanting around the Great Plains in search of tornados , allowing us rare glimpses into his psyche. For example, he uses forks as pointers instead of high tech tools when he's not delivering his broadcast, and he leans out of moving SUVs to take iPhone pictures of severe weather. What was it like working with Studs Turkel?

Mary Schmich wants to know: Where are the women's voices on Chicago radio? If the recent meteor and Space Shuttle sightings have you dreaming about outer space, perhaps it's time to revisit The UFO guy. The episode airs on April 23 and May 7 at 8: If you're interested in seeing what our fine city has to offer, for better or for worse, free tickets are currently available.

If you like to scene spot TV shows for local locations, things are looking up! It seems that Oprah decided what to do once she retires her current show and does something new. This American Life's episode on the financial crisis, The Giant Pool of Money, was selected as one of the 10 best works of American journalism of the last decade by NYU's journalism school.

Rod Blagojevich was fired from "Celebrity Apprentice" yesterday. The good folks at Chicago Public Radio are currently redesigning their website, and they want your feedback. Getting involved is more fun than you might expect due to redesign tools including a discussion forum and a visual design editor. Columbia College's TV department is filming a sitcom.

Check out the trailer for details on how to be part of the live studio audience. If you find yourself overqualified for your current job, you just might be working for the U. Scott, is going off the air in August. Meanwhile, Roger Ebert and his wife continue to develop their own film review show. C-SPAN has opened up video archives stretching back into the '80s and earlier. Joshua Alston of Newsweek considers former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's performance on the season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice" and how it might affect his image and future prospects.

No mention is made of how Rod's hair did, though. In case you missed it, you can watch this week's episode on-line at NBC. Busy Beaver Button Co. Soon we will be able to experience the joy of observing Chicago's worst drivers in their natural habit while we're safe inside. This American Life just unveiled a new website with the primary goal of making it easier to access older episodes. A casting call is out for folks interested in starring in a new reality show set on Chicago's South Side. Please, make us proud. Roger Ebert's new voice.

OK Go's incredible machine. The cast from Fox's hit "Glee" is coming to Chicago to perform the television show's biggest hits. Roger Ebert will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" next Tuesday -- and will be heard using his own voice thanks to remarkable new text-to-speech software. The show will follow the Sox from spring training into the regular season.

Love this: What to do if Pam Zeckman comes calling. Chicago music critic and " Sound Opinions " host Jim DeRogatis explains his picks for the worst rock movies. I stand by Heavy Metal Parking Lot. The store was hopping all weekend. In case you missed it last night, here's Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Scott Lee Cohen and his ex-wife's appearance on "Chicago Tonight" answering questions about his domestic battery charge and other allegations. Steve Rhodes has some thoughts on the scandal. This American Infographic is a collection of graphic representations of data from episodes of " This American Life.

The documentary style program follows the treatment of patients battling the disorder and is currently seeking Chicago participants who "really need help and are seeking Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist them in regaining control of their lives". If you're interested in 12 weeks of free expert treatment, email the casting producer. Season One saw 18 of 22 participants successful with their treatment.

Conan fans might not appreciate it, but local actor and comedian Bill Stoneking is throwing his hat in the ring to fill the vacancy behind the desk on "The Tonight Show. The Chicago Independent Radio Project will be open for business starting at noon today. A Handheld Revolution " about smartphone apps.

The episode runs again Sunday, Jan. Listen here. Cook County Jail is pretty popular these days, and not just for the reasons that may first come to mind. Chicago Public Radio's very own " Wait Wait Asmus confirms: Nightcrawler turned on the radio. WBEZ is trying to do an investigation of the state's juvenile prisons, created three years ago to separate children from adult prisoners, but the Quinn administration won't grant them access.

We don't haven't seen the same requests regarding Sara Jindra, but if you were curious, here she is giving a video look into the traffic reporting center. If you enjoy National Public Radio shows and podcasts like This American Life and all the others , there's now a quick and easy way to support them: Robert Feder inadvertently started a tiff between Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper thanks to vague comments from Roeper to Feder about his return to reviewing movies on his own site and Starz.

The former "At the Movies" duo quickly made up, but not before Ebert penned a great post about TV film crit. On Roger Ebert's blog: Don't Tell Me. Michigan Avenue magazine's semi-controversial photoshoot of some of Chicago's hottest TV news personalities in last month's issue is finally online. You can get a closer look at Packer Schopf Gallery starting this Friday. Scariest line in show's description from Discovery's website: If you lived in Chicago in the late '70s and early '80s, the news that Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson are reuniting tonight to host the Ch. If you weren't here during that time, it's sorta like Loggins and Messina getting back together.

You don't get that reference either? An excerpt preview of the film will show at 8 tonight along with live readings by Fiasco and others at Northwestern University's Leverone Auditorium. Apparently, Mutual of Omaha and Oprah are no longer sparring over the use of the phrase "a-ha. Will the O go? His responses ranged from optimistic to delusional -- listen for yourself. Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me host Peter Sagal is sure to spook the neighbors or give them a good laugh with his "traditional" Halloween display. The Third Coast International Audio Festival announced its award winners over the weekend -- great stuff to track down and listen to.

Last night's "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel featured the alcoholic? Robert Feder, former Sun-Times media columnist, is joining Vocalo. And yes, she's naming it Ike.

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Yeesh, you'd think we'd know which route the Ike was. Wait Wait Free this afternoon? Based on the reactions of the judges, he may have a pretty good shot. Thanks, Matt! Then again, considering how baffled he was by the reaction when he left, I guess it's not a surprise. Whether that means the radio version will return to Chicago is not yet known. Ready for a full hour of Chicago's president on late night TV? Obama will be David Letterman's sole guest on Monday , Sept.

He's also be on the weekend political talk shows while you're at brunch. Former Chicago Public Radio reporter Jay Field hasn't been able to find work in the industry, so he's now driving a cab. Read about his experiences at Recession Taxi. In case Twitter didn't tell you already, hometown boy Kanye West made headlines again at the VMAs last night -- this time for stealing the limelight from Taylor Swift as she accepted the "Best Female Video" award. Of course, conspiracy theories abound in the harsh light of day and apologies from the West camp came and went.

Scott about taking over "At the Movies," Siskel and Ebert's seminal film review show, after a year of poorly chosen replacements. The ad is airing only in Ireland, but of course it's on YouTube as well. Of course, GB and Sun-Times readers knew about this a week ago. A risky plan ends happily as Evanston graphic designer Gabriel Silverman discovers his stolen bike listed on Craigslist and shows up at the seller's house.

Speaking of shopping, if you're thinking about spending time on Michigan Avenue from Wacker Drive to Ohio Street anytime between Monday and Wednesday morning, the street will be closed to vehicular traffic in order to tape Oprah's new season kickoff. If you want to get in on the O action, the show will begin at 5 p. Tuesday and will be free and open to all. You can scope out the best seats ahead of time by reviewing this map [pdf] of the event. Yet another Chicago comedian has been plucked to write for Saturday Night Live in only a few weeks.

This time , it's standup comedian Hannibal Buress. If you're wondering about the title of this post, it refers to this. Language may not be SFW. The project starts online, but will be turned into a book. What were you doing as a teenager during the summer? Who says journalism is dying? And it may have been hurting Chicago's bid.

But fear not, they've scrapped the network. A TV judge based in Chicago is hearing a case involving a man who displays disfigured animals and a woman who didn't sell him her five legged Chihuahua-terrier mix. So this is what I'm missing on daytime television The Chi-Town Daily News reports that the City Colleges' television station, WYCC, produced " free videos of powerful politicians and friends of the chancellor " and allegedly fired the station manager when she complained. Chicagoan Ed Swiderski won "The Bachelorette" last night. A new sit-com on FX will be set in suburban Chicago -- and revolve around a fantasy football league?

Ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist D'Arcy called into Q on a whim last week to chat about Davy Jones, her current life on a horse farm in Michigan, how much she misses Chicago and a few other gems that you really have to hear to believe. Bravo TV is casting for a new reality show a la "Project Runway," and you're invited to try out -- assuming you're a contemporary artist with the skills to produce great art in a limited time.

The as-yet unnamed show auditions in Chicago on July 16, so get your portfolio ready. Local actor Lesley Bevan tells NPR's "The Story" about the Dutch man who adopted her as his "American granddaughter" while she was studying abroad 20 years ago, who managed to find her again just recently. In case you missed it, our favorite effin' ex-governor's wife was finally voted out of the jungle last night, after lasting a surprising 23 days and making a few new friends along the way.

The pilot, which has been leaked to the internets , spoofs Bob Bell's version of the character he did on WGN and features the original TV Funhouse cartoons. Fox rejected it years ago, but last night, Smigel said Comedy Central is interested in doing the show. An anonymous blogger is writing about her quest to get on "American Idol ," starting with the auditions here in Chicago this weekend.

It's interesting times at ChicagoSportsWebio: Speaking of journalism and how to pay for it, if you're interested in that sort of thing you should come to the Chicago Media Future Conference this Saturday afternoon, featuring panelists from Chicago Tribune, EbonyJet, EveryBlock, Gapers Block and more. If you'll be wondering why your TV doesn't work after the clock hits noon today, here's why.

Was " Family Matters " your favorite sit-com located in Chicago? Then you may be interested in this video made during a visit to the Winslow house. Chicago Public Radio's " Wait Wait They've even got some ideas for potential cast members. Did you hear how Mancow had himself waterboarded and declared it was torture? Turns out it might not have been so torturous for him after all.

Apparently Chicagoans are a little slow on the uptake. The FCC has fielded more calls about the upcoming digital transition from our area than anywhere in the country. Another big radio shakeup today: Their last show is airing live now. WNUA, Chicago's pioneering "smooth jazz" station, goes off the air Friday morning at 9am , followed by a retrospective of the stations that have occupied After that, the new Mega WNUA fans can still get their fix at yoursmoothjazz.

Though Team Ragnarok won the challenge, Mendicant Cingulata came in first in the hunt. The Chicago Media Future Conferenc e picks up the thread dropped by this winter's Chicago Journalism Town Hall , discussing where the media is headed and how it'll be paid for. Mark your calendar for June Ever wonder how much any given commercial radio station in Chicago earns in a year?

If so, here's the rundown for the top Rumor has it he'll be talking about public radio fund drives and tomorrow's TAL live-by-satellite performances in movie theaters. Thanks, Jesse! That trip to Costa Rica for a reality show that Blagojevich wanted to take? The judge said it's not going to happen. Like to travel? Maybe promote the image of the loud, pushy "ugly American" while competing for big bucks.

Then you might be "Amazing Race" material. The reality show is holding auditions this Friday in Joliet. The winning pothole will be the subject of a news story. Oprah Winfrey is now on Twitter. She shall tweet for the first time live on her show tomorrow. Already on it. As mentioned in Mechanics , our esteemed former governor is considering filming a Survivor-style reality TV show in Costa Rica.

Even better was he was approached by someone to do it. The superstation version of "Chicago's Own" WGN has gotten a new logo , replacing the godawful wall-eyed Nagel version unveiled last year. Say the words "Roland" and "Chicago" and a certain overly eager Illinois senator may come to mind. If you missed it this weekend, it's worth listening to the most recent episode of This American Life , which offers "scenes from a recession" and includes a look at the limbo some Rogers Park condo owners are in, with half their building in foreclosure and the developer nowhere to be found.

As ER says "goodbye" to Chicago on Thursday, all sorts of interesting background stories are emerging. The Rondos will be given out in May at Wonderfest. The station says it's a one-time deal, but you never know. Beyond Burnham. Among other features, don't miss the regional population growth timeline and fact list.

And if that's not cool enough for you, he will be a guest on " The Tonight Show " tomorrow. It looks like plans for the Jerry Springer Show's departure aren't going as smoothly as hoped. The move is being challenged by Stamford residents. Obama's love of Chicago sports reared its head again recently, as The Daily Show's John Stewart pointed out on last night's show it comes at about the 2: Let's just say the Bulls get a little spanking from Stewart and even the '85 Bears come under scrutiny.

Chef Grant Achatz appeared on Oprah this morning, talking about his cancer diagnosis and recovery. U2 will be all over the city tomorrow -- particularly on WXRT , who will feature a day of U2 programming leading up to members of the band guest DJing the station from 8 to 9pm from an " undisclosed location. Watch it on YouTube! Tip from No Fact Zone. Those not familiar with Pegue's legacy can read Ben Joravsky's profile from to find out about the man.

In what's been a tough week in terms of local legends passing on, radioman Paul Harvey passed away last night at age He's known for his popular segment "The Rest of the Story," but he also coined or popularized the terms " Reaganomics " and " guesstimate. Speaking of blowing up Chicago, Jerry Springer's television program of destruction may soon move to Connecticut , along with some other NBC programs.

How many of these Chicagoland TV ads do you remember? CPR is crying foul. While the deadline for the analog-to-digital conversion was moved to June 12 several weeks ago, many television stations are sticking to today's initial deadline. Chicago's TV remains unchanged, but several stations all over the state have joined the early switch.