Sample letter to send to companies for coupons

Only 1 company did not send coupons. I have written to several other companies as well and plan to continue doing this so that I can save money this year! While you are here, see how you can get freebies in your mailbox , too! Go here to see how many other coupons I scored from companies!

Go here to find a HUGE list of companies and stores to contact. Click on your favorite companies and find the box on the right side. Click to go to the website. Fill out your information. In the comment section, tell them about the product you like and why you like it. Repeat this process for the other companies. Check your mail box or email in the next few days and weeks to see what the company will send you.

Leave a comment here if you have any luck!

Free things companies have sent me

It is easy and well worth the time. Start slowly, writing to about a day. Then add more once you get used to it. It can be fun to because you never know what they will send you. Sometimes you will get free items—Luna sent coupons for 2 free bars! Another great way to save money this year is through the use of coupons.

You can print coupons , take advantage of digital coupons , find coupons in your local newspapers, and most of the freebies that arrive in my mailbox include high value coupons. Check out all of my past mailbox freebies. Check your favorite product's sites or call the company to see if they have any samples open.

This method is the most effective. Your sample won't be express-shipped to you.

How to Request Coupons from Companies

Some samples or products take a week, others, 6 to 8 weeks. Companies respect your time. They will be more interested in your hand written letter than your three sentence email. After you get your sample or even request one, thank the company! Give them a call, email them, or write a letter. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

In big companies, they don't have time to send every single person requesting a free sample or product one overnight.

Free coupons I have gotten in the mail

Waiting may take up to two months, so don't bother the company to ask about your sample. Check out the policies on samples. Some companies have it on their website that they will not send samples, other companies say you can request samples of one product, and so on. Check for these policies before requesting. They spend their time reading or listening to you, so thank them. Have a story to back you up. If it's a complaint, have the product in front of you with your story in mind. If it's a compliment, rave about a good experience with the product.

If it's simply a request, tell them why your requesting a sample. Don't give up if you get a NO. Some companies simply won't send samples. Don't give up or pitch a fit. Make your letter unique!

4 Ways to Get Companies to Send You Free Stuff - wikiHow

If you have family members or pets that enjoy the product, including pictures is a great way to get your letter to stand out. My daughter especially loves the freshness of the snacks we buy her from your company, and as a mom, I love being able to provide her with convenient snacks on the go that are tasty AND healthy!

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As a mom, things can get a little tight with our budget, and I was wondering if you had any coupons you could send over to us so we can continue to enjoy your products even on our strict budget this month. My daughter would be ever so grateful! Again, thanks for providing such a great tasting and healthy snack that I feel confident giving to my kids!

Writing to companies for coupons

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