Everybody deals with grief differently

If you feel that things are building up, it can help to talk to someone you trust.

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  • Common reactions to death.

This can help if: Reasons why people react differently to death Dealing with death, particularly the death of someone you love, is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. How you react to death can be affected by many things: The type of relationship you had with the person: Your gender: Guys are sometimes more likely to express their grief through physical activity.

Your cultural background: Different cultural groups deal with grief in different ways, including how you express your grief through rituals and ceremonies, and different rules around what is considered respectful.

Different Grief Patterns

Your age: Common reactions The most common reaction on hearing of the death of someone close to you is shock. You can also feel some unexpected emotions as a result of shock. My sister and I had different relationships with our mom, we are different ages and we relied on her for different things.

That loss is going to look different. In order to heal, you have to take care of yourself first and do what is best for you.

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  4. Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Like this: Join Goodreads. No one handles the loss of a loved one the same. Some put on a brave face for others, keeping everything internal.

    • Everybody Deals With Grief Differently. - Poem by David Boyce.
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    • Everybody Deals With Grief Differently. Poem by David Boyce - Poem Hunter.
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    • Why Grieving Is Different For Everyone.
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    Others let it all out at once and shatter, only to pick up the pieces just as quickly as they came apart. Still others don't grieve at all, implying they are incapable of emotion. Then there are the ones like me, where grief is a badge we wear, where it's hard to let go because we don't want to. We probably wouldn't know how even is we wanted to. There's unanswered questions, unresolved feelings. Tere is anger that this person could even conceive of leaving us behind.

    We are the furious ones, the ones that scream at the injustice and the pain.

    We all grieve in our own way

    We are the ones who obsess and slowly lose rational thought, knowing it is happening but unable to find a way to care. We are the ones who drown. Share this quote: Like Quote. Recommend to friends.

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