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Shop sales items from Coldwater Creek and enjoy huge savings now! Shop Coldwater Creek now for a river of savings! Shop Coldwater Creek and check out the great selection of sales and clearance! Apr 9 Network Audio Daemon 3. Mar 16 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Reliability and performance improvements. Mar 1 Network Audio Daemon 3. Feb 26 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Also a new option in control interface to select transport type. Jan 24 HQPlayer Desktop 3. New poly-sinc-xtr "extreme" filters, update for Linux package forward compatibility, updates and fixes to the control protocol, number of smaller fixes and improvements.

Dec 8 Network Audio Daemon 3. Minor improvements and fixes. Some small fixes and optimizations to convolution engine initialization. Also fixes a timing problem in CUDA algorithm initialization. Fixes seeking problems, adds double-click-to-play on cover flow, optimizes GPU memory usage. Fixes handling of certain multichannel FLACs.

Also fixes loading of certain types of WAV files on Windows. Oct 9 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Changes logic when loading items from the library; single click loads item and double click also immediately starts playback of the loaded item. Cleans up metadata with extra whitespaces on import. Added minimum-phase variant for two filters. Hardware requirements bumped up.

Lot of bugfixes and other improvements. Improves reliability on DAC reconnect and hot-plug cases when used together with latest networkaudiod. Simplifies CD reading algorithm for better compatibility with certain drives. Also contains other small fixes. Mar 9 Network Audio Daemon 3. This is a bugfix release, fixing various small issues. Multichannel speaker distance adjustments are now available also in DirectSDM mode. New set of keyboard shortcuts reflecting the function button layout on Apple keyboards. Automatic output mode and rate switching.

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Plus usual performance improvements and bug fixes. Support for Roon as control interface and media source. Added support for cross-application raw streams and extensions to the remote control API. Various smaller fixes and optimizations. Adds closed-form-fast interpolation variant for lower CPU load. Fixes issue with closed-form interpolation when used with non-pipeline SDM. Fixes incompatibility issue on some bit Windows sytems. Number of smaller bug fixes. Embedded version now has option to set fixed output volume level and fixes occasional race condition with track advance.

Closed form interpolator added and some bug fixes. Modulator tuning for ASDM7 and one new filter.

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Track number metadata is now used for sorting tracks. Plus usual small fixes and improvements. Aug 18 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Transport state persistence over restarts and some bug fixes. Aug 12 Network Audio Daemon 3. Fixes a problem with playlist clear operation. Plus number of smaller fixes and reworks such as changes to the ASIO backend. This is a bugfix release. Desktop version also includes a preliminary remote control interface.

New adaptive seventh-order modulator, new file access method on platforms except bit Windows. Traditional search function now available also on desktop mode. Plus usual small bug fixes, improvements and optimizations. This is a bugfix release with some minor optimizations. Support for new NAAv3 new functionality. Also some modulator tuning. Plus overall fixes and improvements. Jan 6 Network Audio Daemon 3. Dec 6 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Nov 11 HQPlayer Desktop 3. This is a bug fix release. The bit Lite version for Windows has been discontinued and replaced with normal version.

Nov 3 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Also number other smaller improvements and fixes.

Sep 27 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Also adds album art to the desktop mode. Sep 4 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Possibility to switch backends from the Settings dialog on all platforms. Redesigned "-2s" oversampling filters now offering equivalent technical performance compared to "non-2s" versions. Modulator tuning, especially for highest SDM rates. Number of smaller changes and improvements. Jun 2 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes playlist editing regression. This problem existed only in Windows version. Apr 23 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Minor fixes and improvements. This is an open hardware design optimized for use with high order modulators of HQPlayer.

Feb 16 HQPlayer Desktop 3. New HF expansion and IR gain estimation algorithms for convolution engine. First release for SolidRun CuBox-i computer. Lot of bug fixes and performance improvements. Dec 17 HQPlayer Desktop 3. HTTP streaming for all the supported formats. Two new delta-sigma modulators optimized for x and faster output rates. The "DSD5" modulator is now rate-adaptive.

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Touch mode GUI usability improvements. Performance improvements and bug fixes. Oct 10 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Switched to use bit floating point arithmetic in certain selected points because bit was running out of precision. Oct 9 Network Audio Daemon 2. Oct 3 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Fixes regression introduced with optimizations in 3.

Fixes to some DSD content playback cases. Improvements in metadata handling. Sep 17 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Sep 17 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes problems with dual-wire DoP mode. Adds a set of lighter weight oversampling filters for high oversampling ratios. Also includes some fine tuning of delta-sigma modulators.

Fixes a problem with certain multichannel files, namely DSF with 5. Sep 4 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes a problem when DHCP server is slow to respond. Aug 27 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes a start-up problem. Also includes some minor adjustments. Jul 7 Network Audio Daemon 2. Fixes a timing problem, causing failures to start playback. Jul 7 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Adds support for bit floating point WAV, mostly used for convolution filters with applications like Acourate.

Some small fixes and fullscreen mode improvements. Jun 12 WebShop is now open again with upgrade option from version 2. May 31 HQPlayer Desktop 3. Adds a new alternative touch optimized full-screen GUI with cover art, especially for Windows 8 tablets and touch screens. Support Network Audio Adapter protocol version 2. May 31 Network Audio Daemon 2. New improved protocol with special optimizations for streaming DSD content. May 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Fixes some GUI logic regressions and some other minor bugs. Mar 19 HQPlayer Desktop 2.

Redesigned DSD7 modulator plus number of fixes and improvements in various different areas. Mar 3 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Some fine tuning of DSD7 modulator. Number of small fixes. Jan 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Dec 9 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Significant performance and small quality improvement in the poly-sinc down-sampling algorithm. Two new delta-sigma modulator variants. The "dual-wire" DoP 1. Nov 8 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Oct 3 Network Audio Daemon 1. Performance optimizations to minimize CPU load. Oct 1 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Optional high frequency expansion algorithm for the convolution engine. Improved parallelization for multi-core processors.

Initial support for Windows 8. Many small usability improvements. Sep 9 Network Audio Daemon 1. Mostly rewritten ALSA backend, some fixes and improvements. Non-decimating convolution engine for DSD content processing at native rate! Fixed some possible crash cases. Fix for a possible crash and rework of ALSA back-end to support wider range of audio hardware. Engine updated to match Desktop version plus some control GUI changes and improvements.

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Aug 20 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Improved volume control for DSD content. Fixed a playlist loading issue with certain M3U8 format playlists. Option to ignore all warnings about certain complex conversion ratios. Jun 20 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Rewritten minringFIR filter, now available also as oversampling filter in the delta-sigma modulator. Button to invert absolute phase. Number of other fixes and improvements. Unicode fix and various other smaller fixes in HQPlayer. Apr 22 HQPlayer Desktop 2.

Also includes various fixes. For other changes, see earlier beta announcements. Apr 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Multi-room support with Network Audio Adapters. One second pre-playback mute to give slow update rate PLLs time to properly acquire lock. Optimizations to reduce CPU load, memory use and to improve cache performance. Also reduced initialization times. Lot of fixes, reworks and improvements, software component updates. Feb 28 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Also improved overload handling for the delta-sigma modulator. Feb 21 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Number of optimizations and small UI logic improvements.

Updated manual to match new functionality. Feb 7 HQPlayer Desktop 2. General improvements in delta-sigma modulator. Also CD playback has been fixed. Feb 6 Network Audio Daemon 1. Some new startup options and init script fixes. Also contains a fix related to freeing up the audio device when client disconnects in order to better support other processes accessing audio devices.

Now also runs a script when client is connected or disconnected. Jan 23 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Quality improvements to minimum-phase filters. Also added a new high quality " Gauss1 " dither. Fixed a crash with certain settings. Now Engine is automatically discovered by the Control client. Engine also supports Network Audio Adapters now to offer three-tier architecture isolating audio device, processing and control GUI. Dec 23 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Network Audio Daemon now releases audio devices when idling, also includes the discovery address change.

Dec 19 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Support for Signalyst Asynchronous Network Audio Adapters; for maximum isolation all processing is performed in the player application and processed data is asynchronously streamed over network to a very lightweight network audio adapter interfacing to the DAC.

Also small GUI improvements, such as movable splitter between transport and track views, support for repeat and random playback modes. Dec 4 HQPlayer Desktop 2. Remembers last used directory of all file dialogs. Small fix for DSF file handling. A lot of small changes. Number of usability improvements and bug fixes. New upsampling filter " minringFIR " included in Desktop version. Fixed an ASIO initialization problem introduced in 2. Windows installers are now signed. Number of smaller fixes and improvements.

Increased precision of some pre-computations to bits. Fixed problem on convolution engine setup dialog and some other smaller fixes. Embedded Engine now matches the Desktop version. Oct 5 HQPlayer Desktop 2. This release includes a new trial period. Significant rework of one-bit audio to PCM conversion with new conversion algorithms and noise filters check your conversion settings , x one bit audio is now converted to Plus many other minor things. Plus update for the openSUSE version. Menu entry and a dialog added to Windows version of the Engine Daemon for setting library location in order to ease up configuration.

Software was built in an updated build environment. May 23 HQPlayer Embedded 2. Fixes an engine startup crash issue on certain installations. Also includes some minor improvements to the Embedded Control. Completely reimplemented NS9 noise shaper for use at These noise shapers are very aggressive and can provide a lot of extra SNR in the critical frequency band.

In order to avoid hitting the limiter, use low enough volume setting usually -3 dB is enough. Plus the usual minor fixes, including fixes related to cover art loading. Apr 23 HQPlayer Embedded 2.

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First release with a separate headless server and graphical client applications. Graphical control client is optimized for capacitive touch screens, but can be used with more traditional pointing devices too. Old "Embedded" version, now called "Standalone" is now included in the "Embedded" package and still works with the same key as the Desktop version.

Apr 20 HQPlayer Desktop 2.

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Completely reworked volume control and soft limiter. Experimental "non-ringing" polynomial interpolation. And some bug fixes from the beta. Includes also other minor changes and improvements. Feb 7 HQPlayer 2. Now includes bit Desktop version, improved installer, dropped network licensing support. Due to changes in directory structure and shortcut naming, uninstall older version before installing this to avoid broken shortcuts and abandoned files!

Includes headless engine daemon and control interface. Jan 30 Note! If you have audio problems when using USB audio device with default settings, try increasing buffer time to ms. This will most likely help. Jan 18 HQPlayer 2.