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At the Gates is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg. A major progenitor of the Gothenburg metal music scene, the band was formed…. Ablaze My Sorrow was founded in the early nineties, and after the requisite demo or two, they recorded two albums in the late nineties, before…. Sonic Syndicate is a five-piece band from Falkenberg, Sweden who have strong influences from Swedish bands such as In Flames and Soilwork. They have it all - the…. Don't want to see ads?

Nightrage is a Greek melodic death metal band, originally from Thessaloniki. They later relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden.

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It was founded by Marios…. Sweden has given birth to some of the best heavy metal over the years, and Blinded Colony….

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The debut album "Internal Demons"…. The Soft Bulletin is a quest. I think the world is more horrible than it is beautiful. But we have to make it beautiful.

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Mount Eerie, A Crow Looked at Me Some artists take to elaborate metaphors to communicate their loss, abuse, addiction or depression. As a result, A Crow Looked at Me is a heartbreaking work detailing a daughter without a mother and a husband without a wife and best friend. After the news broke, the first memory that came to him was not of the years of violence and neglect, but the one fond memory he has of when Noonan took him out to a racetrack to watch horses.

So there was a time where all of them, I was the sober guy, so at least someone had the hands on the steering wheel, but all of the guys were out of control. But really, it was hidden from the world.

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You realize how many bands and how many lives got destroyed because of addiction issues. So they all started to realize what we had and they started to respect it and everybody started to sober up. Jeremy and Jason and eventually Chris and Ivan too.

For someone without addiction issues, it was hard for me to understand it. So I had to learn and understand what they were dealing with. I had to have compassion and see that way and if somebody is sick, everyone comes to the rescue. So I learned everything I could do and the rest of the guys sobered up and had their experiences that they had to go through and now everybody has each other.

10 Historic Albums About the Loss of a Loved One

But this is the band. And those people are these guys who believe in something bigger and stand for something. So being around these guys, you start to understand their problems. People are seeing and exploring the data and seeing how the veterans are becoming homeless. On this next tour, we are donating a portion from every ticket sold to an organization called C. They sign up for that and that is respectable. I feel that they are not getting the respect that they deserve.

This summer you're touring with Breaking Benjamin. Well, people succeed in communities, so to speak, and I look at it this way: Like I said, I grew up in a communist country, so listening to this was a sign of rebellion. There were no radio stations that would play this hard rock music, so as a kid this was my middle finger to the government and the system.


It was much more than music. It was a lifestyle. There is a difference, to me, between the pop bands and the rock bands in that rock bands create communities.

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Rock music is always a vehicle. So for us, when we put together a tour, whether we headline or co-headline, we want to put together a package that we know is going to fill an arena. They have an overwhelming fan base.