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Another one to add to your list is http: Great input, Kim. Thank you for it. And thanks for your feedback on FMTC. Geno, nice post. We also have another one for your list. Affiliates can obtain the feed by pulling it directly from their Affiliate Manager interface. Jackie , thank you for this comment. We are developing a Software Niche Coupon Code site and at this time we are searching for a feed solution that can cover all or most of: Any ideas or recommendations? Ive gone through your list in the post and most of the services are not that helpful.

Surfmyads owns Promotionalcodes. Happy to chat with anyone who might be interested.

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I always thought of your company as an affiliate i. Inquiries can be sent to Nick. Isaak SurfMyAds. And if you do now provide a coupon integration solution to affiliates, where exactly may one learn more about this service apart from emailing you? We are building co-branded partnerships, Xfinity, being one, but any site that would like to generate revenue from our feeds would be considered a partner. Currently e-mailing me is the best way, we are in the process of a re-design and building some other tools. Gene — I talked to the person that owns formetocoupon and she told me that their service would not be good for what Im looking for which is mostly software related coupon codes.

They dont seem to support the AF networks I want to integrate. As far as the surfmyads comment from Nick, I dont know why they would provide their feeds to another affiliate unless of course they left their AFF links intact and did some kind of revenue sharing deal. Just found your post, any thoughts on resource for freebies, sweepstakes, and that kind of promotion? Just giving iCodes a shot right now.

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Any update on iCodes or Surfmyads. I need a datafeed that has grocery and department store coupons. Not sure if Popshop or formetocoupon offer both feeds. I have an interesting solution: Until now not listed above. He offers a datafeed import script, also the display by template and two methods of implementing vouchercodes. Not bound to affiliate networks and worldwide usable. And a lot of aftersales-support.

Outstanding service.

Food Affiliate Programs & How To Make Money #29

And yes, on many sites I am using his scripts. I am developing a mobile app which I intend to sell on subscription basis. Which has best balance between cost and comprehensive coupons. KT , in all honesty, I do not know if any of these will actually work for a mobile app. All of the above are pretty comprehensive with ForMeToCoupon, probably, being one of the more all-encompassing , but it will all boil down to whether the tool will work for what you are aiming to do here. BTW, why sell the app? If you are going to link these through affiliate links, distribute it for free, marketing it as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for coupons.

With the abundance of free apps already available do your due diligence you want to a be competitive at least free too and b stand out offer something more than coupons; e.

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  6. Hi Geno, Great work and share. Very informative and practical. I am new to coupon niche and trying to make a WordPress site. Just bought an.

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    For a newbie with a low budget what are the platforms that provide the coupon feed free or on revenue share. Also which free WordPress theme will be ideal for this kind of website. Hope I am not asking too much. Thanks again for your post and insight. Related to discounting — another nice thing we offer our affiliates is the possibility of them generating their own coupons from the commission they receive per sale. Good to hear, Cristian. Hi this is great article. With a SavingStar membership, users can select grocery offers, link their store card or scan a receipt, and get cash back to their account.

    The SavingStar platform CouponSurfer Affiliate Program: CouponSurfer includes their own set of coupon DealPro Affiliate Program: The site boasts thousands of coupons for every service and brand imaginable.

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    The site operates as a coupon network for consumer goods, groceries, Overview Coupons. On the site, visitors will find hundreds of grocery coupons else a comparable amount through their all-in-one app. The potential savings on Overview eBates is a wildly popular online hub and community helping people save money and earn cash back. We all do. Coupon programs aggregate deals from around the Web and package them as feeds. Many coupon blogs earn thousands each month by listing the latest deals for products and services.

    Most of these sites run on autopilot — content goes out from time to time; the right SEO could make many promotions 1 in Google whenever someone looks for a specific coupon. Do this: Did you notice how almost all will redirect to a product page once the coupon is selected?

    The site uses their affiliate link while loading the page. Simply put: The Couponing Industry: What You Need to Know The coupon industry is a tough nut to crack for two reasons: The big money makers in the couponing industry include: Groceries Tech and gadgets Physical and online retail Health and beauty Vitamins and supplements Hair and eye care Clothing and accessories An easy market analysis would include counting the number of loyalty cards or store credit cards you own.

    Most other consumers likely have these items, too. Coupon savvy people doubly so. The best part of promoting coupon programs is this: People are ready to buy. They may do this check during checkout. Or, they know what product they want but double checking to see if there are discounts before hitting the buy button. The most popular way people find coupons includes: Inserts included in papers Apps and coupon websites Loyalty cards and store emails Positioning in the marketplace allows a coupon affiliate to become the last point of entry before consumers purchase a product.

    It just so happens that last click is through an affiliate link provided by the coupon affiliate programs.

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    Know what that means? Easy commissions. The Coupon Industry: By the Numbers Why bother promoting coupons if people are looking for cheap deals?

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    More than billion worth of coupons is circulated in the U. Yet, coupons have long since been a motivator in sales. How many times have you checked for one before checking out?

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    Or, receive an email notification for a discount because you abandoned a cart? The projected digital coupon users in the United States is roughly million… as in most of the adult population of the States. See where the opportunity lies when promoting coupon programs?