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Awesome power, sumptuous interiors and beautiful design. Our experts have pulled together the best luxury sports cars to get you quickly from A to B in supreme comfort. The Bentley Continental GT is about as luxurious as swooping sports cars can get. It looks fabulous inside and out and packs a powerful V8 or W12 engine to help make sure it has the pace to match its high-class looks.

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The Mercedes S-Class Coupe pairs a seriously comfortable, seriously classy interior with imposing styling and a super smooth V8 engine. The Porsche Panamera combines a seriously plush interior with a slinky coupe body and agile handling more reminiscent of a lightweight racing car than a luxurious four-seater.

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Few cars come with interiors as outlandish as the Lexus LC. Everything looks and feels like it belongs in a concept car which makes the LC a very luxurious place to spend time. You can get it as either a V6 hybrid or as a sportier non-turbocharged V8 that sounds fantastic and can sprint from mph in a rapid 4.

It comes with an eye-catching interior with lashings of leather and red stitching inside, and some seriously aggressive styling on the outside. Its turbocharged V12 engine produces hp which is enough to blast this luxurious sports car from mph in 3. Sports Cars. Best sports cars on sale. The R8 supercar is a sensible Audi that's gone stark raving mad. Alfa Romeo. Discover more sports cars. Best sports cars Need a hand in guiding you to the best sports cars on sale today? See Mazda MX-5 deals.

See Audi R8 deals. Aston Martin. See Aston Martin Vantage deals. See Toyota GT86 deals. Best sports cars with four seats A sports car should be great to look at and great to drive, but can it also be practical? See Bentley Continental GT deals. See BMW M3 deals. See Ford Mustang deals.

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See Porsche Boxster deals. The S5 model sports a refined 3. Very respectable numbers for a car of its size. The M2 is the entry-level model of BMW's range of high performance 'M' cars, but by no means is it any less calibre than the rest. Being the full-fat performance variant of the popular 2 Series Coupe , the M2 uses a 3-litre straight six petrol engine with brake horsepower. Unlike most performance models, the M2 is also available with a manual gearbox, perfect for the purists.

Dubbed by some as a 'baby M2 ', the Mi is the most powerful model under the 2 Series banner. There are minor styling changes to the M-Sport body-kit and the wing mirrors are painted silver. As for performance, the Mi features uprated brakes, eight speed automatic gearbox optional! The M4 is one of the models frequently used by BMW as their poster boy. Over the standard 4 series, M4 models feature a quad exhaust, 3-litre petrol engine, uprated brakes and minor styling changes to the M-Sport bodykit. With a blistering time of just 2.

The CLA45 model uses many of the same internals as the previous A45 AMG Hatchback, featuring an intelligent four-wheel drive system to achieve faster acceleration and grip. While traditionally made to cruise around in complete luxury, SUV's can be made into surpsingly agile beasts. There aren't a whole lot to choose from given how niche demand is mainly due to the price-point.

Alfa aren't typically associated with SUV's, however since their recent success with the new Stelvio model, it was only a matter of time before a performance variant was released. Rocking similar stats to the Giulia Quadrifolgio , the Stelvio Quadrifoglio uses the same engine and has incredible handling for a car of its size. The SQ7 is one of the rare few performance models that uses a diesel engine.

It's the largest model in the entire Audi range, but unlike most Audi models there is no RS variant of the Q7. As far as high-end SUV's go, the SQ7 offers a very luxurious interior and comfortable yet somewhat firm ride. It uses a 3-litre V6 petrol engine used in the S5.

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It's all-wheel drive as per Audi tradition and comes with an eight speed automatic gearbox as standard. Call Now Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm. Enquire online.

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Quick Search. Select a Model. Search Budget. Performance Car Leasing Performance cars come in many different forms - some models are purpose built to raise the bar, others join an already established range.

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They bring extra levels of power, acceleration and handling over the usual commuter type cars and are best suited for the great British back-roads. One of the most popular subcategory of performance cars here in the UK are hot hatchbacks , for decades we've sought after smaller exciting cars due to the slimmer size of our roads compared to the likes of Germany or America. You'll almost exclusively see the upper-echelon of performance cars out on a race track, where drivers can make the most of their cars and their own capability.

Hot Hatchback Audi S1 The majority of the Audi range feature 'S' models, it's essentially a more race-ready, soused up version with sportier styling and suede sports seats.

Click here to find our how much an Audi S1 Lease would cost. It's not all about brake horsepower at this end of the market: But we guarantee each will put a huge smile on your face. Rarely does a car come along so devoted to driver involvement, and so singularly effective at it, even among affordable sports cars; the last time was probably the Toyota GT86 in , a car to which we also gave a five-star recommendation for its supreme fitness to the purpose of sucking the marrow out of every mile.

The A is quicker, more agile, more effusive and ultimately even more fun. It deserves no less of an ovation. In the long-term, memory of its past power source will eventually fade. The manifest and numerous qualities of the will not. In , Mazda facelifted its iconic roadster, with the headline change being a 23bhp power hike for its fiesty 2.

A steering column that also now adjusts for reach was also introduced. All that and yet the MX-5 is still every inch the same zesty and inimitable car that it was. Nothing on this list offers a better pounds-per-smile rating. They make the car what it is. The 3. But this Lotus is old and could be seen as expensive if you like to judge your cars objectively. At its core, the Elise is still magnificent, and it gets better the sportier the Elise is.